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The amazing results (the slightly less NSFW results, I might add) of a commission I got a while back from m-y-k-s-o, who is immensely talented and is an absolute delight to work with. Thank you so much, Lena! If you’re considering getting some NSFW stuff done, definitely consider her. :)
(Also, his hand is reaching for one of the Ordinator action figures they had been playing with, ok? Nothing naughty going on at all…)

ordinator action figures. 

Baby Starfish — Reproduction in starfish is external. Millions of eggs and sperm are ejected into the ocean where they mix and develop into larvae. The larvae are transparent and bilaterally-symmetrical. The tiny starfish are carried miles on the ocean currents for the next couple of months as they develop, swimming in the sea and eating phytoplankton. There is no back or front on a starfish and they don’t have to turn round to change direction. Starfish move around by using a complex hydraulic system involving hundreds of tiny tube feet instead of muscles.
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