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when you’re done reading smut


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My goal is to be that rich single aunt that flies everywhere and wears designer clothing and brings expensive gifts to her less successful family members

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ask meme! tagged by Tishaia <3

1. What was the last creative thing you did? 

i introduced my german/asian baby to pierogi :) i made ones with meat and ones with chicken/feta/spinach. (i hope hes not reading this) it was my debut and they were just perfect. flawless. delicious. surely will be making more of them.

2. If you can spend an hour talking with a fictional character from any book, game or movie, who would that be? What would you ask them about? 

omg, maybe h. lecter, samara/mordin from mass effect? i like ultra smart people, i would love to learn something new from them, i could listen about science for hours… or ask them about pyramids, reincarnation, religions, outer space, how to stay open minded and brave… stuff :3

3. What’s your most and least favourite romantic thropes?

most would be something like… platonic love, one lover keeps their feelings secret for years, holds themselves back, but are always near and support the beloved one… rivalmance, partnership, idk, hard to pick just one trope! i surely don’t like ‘love from the first sight’ shit, bumping into each other, 99% shoujo scenarios :’)

4. What’s the sexiest thing about werewolves? ;P

they cant hold themselves in bed, becoming wild beast, but are cute as puppies outside the sheets? no idea, haven’t been with werewolf person (…yet?) also - yellow eyes!

5. Imagine a great book you would like to read next, what the main character would be like? Like you or totally different?

omg totally different! someone strong and successful and hardworking, like astrophysics genius or brave policewoman, confident and smart :3

6. Give me a song you can’t get out of your head :D.

… czołówka z Klanu :’)

7. You’re a witch! What’s your familiar? Why? ^^

white cat, because i love classic remixes

8. One thing about you that you would like your friends to know, but it’s difficult/strange/awkward to bring up by yourself? 

oh, how happy i would be if they give me snacks!…

9. Imagine you wake up in a body that’s the opposite gender. Everyone around you act like nothing changed and you know you are going to stay this way. Are you happy? Are you trying to suck it up and deal with it? Or do you decide to have a expencive and painful surgeries and long treatments to be seen as the real you? 

nah i wouldn’t mind being male :) its convenient to pee standing, i don’t see other differences. 

10. Any male/female model crush? Gimme a photo ;>.

model? like in fashion? i don’t follow that so i dont know ;< but natalie dormer is hot and grimes is adorable and imogen poots, ALL of the olsen sisters… can’t remember :<

11. One thought that made your day happier. :)

"spicy chicken wings in my oven" :3

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